We help you unlock your
Entrepreneurial Mindset

The future belongs to the entrepreneurs who build more skills and combine them in a creative way in establishing strong business.Holby Fosters entrepreneurial spirit to support the creation of new ideas and business growth.

Learning how to enhance your
Financial Literacy

The course is trained by Financial Consultants who have versed knowledge to guide you towards gaining financial stability.It strategically helps you develop skills and intelligence to manage your finances well.

Learn Tax & Accounting skills
for your business ventures.

Successful Entrepreneurs understand Finances and tax planning in their business ventures.

learn Investment skills
and Forex trading skills

All entrepreneurs think long term and investment is one of their strategies. Be ahead of the game.


To get game changing results consult with us and acquire game changing thoughts. Inquire Legal, Entrepreneurship, Tax , Investment and Islamic Finance advisory.

Training Programs

Tell me and I might forget, teach me and I might remember, involve me and I will learn. We walk with you through your entrepreneurship journey.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. With your business affiliated to us you will never walk alone.

Easy Integration

Integration still remains the goal worth fighting for. It is either your business integration or degradation. At the end of the day you are solely responsible for the success of your business.

Welcome to Holby Training Solutions

Since we started work in 2018

Holby is a social venture designed to educate, transform and empower young African entrepreneurs through contextual African themed online and offline content. We ensure as an entrepreneur you have a one stop shop for all your business needs.
We now serve Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi and Ghana.


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Our Journey

g. Our Holby journey in running a social venture began in 2018 after doing community sustainability projects for 5 years in Kenya. We realized there is a huge gap within the communities in attaining financial stability. As an organization, we found a big problem of accessing quality of skills education in Kenya, Africa. The unemployment rates were going higher, and poverty levels were increasing day by day. Majority of the people are undeserved communities, non-literates and they only survive on skills such as entrepreneurship to make a living. Highest population in Africa comprises of youth in the age of (18-34) yet most of them are unemployed.

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Holby believes that the three deprivations that measure multidimensional poverty also result in a cycle where the poor households and their families cannot break alone. Any institution or nation that tackles any of the three actually contributes to breaking the poverty cycle.As a social venture that believes in impact we are seeking to achieve a framework change in our society by providing solutions to the existing problems and to achieve sustainable communities through skills development,Our work is to help individuals, organizations, households to access opportunities (reduce inequalities) and improve all the other indicators for living standards.

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Our Services

After our successful project in transforming communities, we acquired over 25 projects from referrals today we have empowered over 2000+ people and produced proactive entrepreneurs.

Training services

We offer tailor made offline and online training services to our clients across Africa...

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Consultancy and Advisory services

We offer Consultancy and advisory services on business related areas...

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Business Support services

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted at its layout.

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